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Top points for Server Maintenance Checklist

Posted by admin on 28 07 2015. 0 Comments

Excellent server maintenance is essential to ensure the smooth flow of your computer network. Your online business operations can function to their full potential if your server is updated, secure and works efficiently. How can you maintain the good working condition of your server?

Enable Updates to Improve Security

You will benefit greatly from updating your server to improve its security. New updates are available all the time but make sure you have your administrator check first if these updates need to be enabled. If your server is not running smoothly then changes need to be made. Prevent major damage by a breach of security with this simple process.

Allow your administrator free rein in monitoring your server for a specific period of time to figure out where updates are necessary. Sometimes, updating can cause more problems. The new designs of software developers are aimed at improving performance but a few times, these can lead to exposed server connection which makes it vulnerable to interception and unauthorized file transfers.

De-clutter Your Disk

Using a disk to its full capacity is not recommended because it can slow down performance. If there are unnecessary software and emails that are just cluttering the space of your disks, then it is best to eliminate them. You can free up more space for other important files if you delete outdate software versions that only add clutter to the disk. Your disk capacity for storage should be sufficient to ensure continuity of the life span of your system. Instead of worrying about what might happen in the long run, it is best to prevent operation interruption with proper and regular maintenance.

Routine Check Hard Disks

To improve performance of your server, you will have to check the hard disks. Verify if all the disks are working properly. You can restore the disks into a state when they worked optimally. When fragmentation of the disk happens, the functions of your servers may slow down or even experience performance failures. You can’t allow that to happen thus server maintenance is very important to allow your system to run smoothly for a long time. Minor disk errors can be the potential threat for a much bigger problem so it’s best to check your disks regularly.

Check Potential Threats

Major problems can be prevented from surfacing if you have invested time and effort in the maintenance of your server. A thorough monitoring of the server can determine if something is out of place. If you do see strange occurrences, troubleshooting can still be administered. Check your security settings and other areas which are not commonly suspected as the culprit to server failures.

It is better to be extra careful rather than regret not taking all the necessary steps to maintain and improve your servers performance. If you have no clue what to do then that will be the time to hire experts. You will be saving yourself from more hassle and prevent failures that you might have otherwise not done if you do the maintenance on your own.

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