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How To Protect Your WordPress Installation From All Vulnerabilities

Posted by admin on 21 07 2015. 1 Comment on How To Protect Your WordPress Installation From All Vulnerabilities

WordPress is an innovative and user-friendly platform for online businesses, corporate entities and personal bloggers. There are a multitude of applications that you can use to improve your WordPress installation for the benefit of your online venture. Since intellectual property is at risk, you should know the proper ways to protect this platform or your account from all vulnerabilities.

Choose an Excellent Password

To avoid having your WordPress installation invaded by hackers and exposing your precious content, you should use an excellent password. This is the simplest way to protect your WordPress account. When you make your passwords, make sure that you don’t use easy or familiar words so that they will not be easily deciphered by professional online hackers. These hackers are experts so you should be one step ahead of them.

You can mix numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters in your password to ensure that it is strong and full-proof. Avoid using words that are associated with your name, birthday, address, etc. Remember that you are protecting valuable content for your personal website or business website. You have to be extra careful in choosing a password. It would be best if you can update your password as often as possible. Better be safe than sorry in this particular area.

Update Software Regularly

An updated software is less vulnerable to hacking and all sorts of undesirable manipulation of content online. New versions of software and applications are available in WordPress for your convenience. All you have to do is to update the software that you are using so that your contents will be better protected. As months pass, more sophisticated technology against online vulnerabilities are being discovered and it is recommended that you keep abreast with all these developments so that you can incorporate them in your web platform.

Install a Firewall

When you install a web firewall for your WordPress application, you can be secure from several vulnerabilities. Your website will be not be prone to hacking and other discrepancies that can ruin the smooth operation of your web applications. Don’t be complacent with your online security. Install a much-needed web application firewall to protect your WordPress website.

Be Selective of Plug-ins

WordPress plug-ins give you an easier editing experience and they can improve the site navigation of your clients and visitors online. The plug-ins are helpful in alleviating the user experience of your prospective customers which is a huge bonus for your business. Nonetheless, not all plug-ins are created equal in terms of security. You will be safer if you perform sufficient research regarding the plug-ins that you want to install. WordPress forums and search engines can provide you with the relevant information.

Choose the plug-ins that have been crafted by developers who have excellent track record. Avoid the ones who were made and developed by individuals with questionable sources. There are so many of them online so you have to be cautious. Protect your website from vulnerabilities that can hinder you have having a successful online venture. If you are in doubt, invest in hiring IT experts to improve your WordPress security.

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