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Benefits of VPS Hosting

Posted by admin on 22 04 2015. 0 Comments

More and more website owners tend to appeal to managed VPS hosting when it comes to finding a good host for their site, and this is to be expected considering how easy to manage and customize VPS hosting really is. But what is VPS hosting and what makes it so special?

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is basically a host that’s basically a virtualized server which mimics a dedicated server which is placed within a shared host environment. It’s a combination of shared and dedicated hosting that offers astounding speeds. VPS hosting is suitable for WordPress hosting, Joomla Hosting and cloud hosting, which makes it very easy to use and reliable.

Benefits of VPS hosting

A major benefit comes in the shorter deployment time for servers because there’s no need for hardware procurement, instead all the hosting space is in the virtual machine. Less time means less money spent, which is great.

Thanks to VPS hosting you can also gain full access to scalability and flexibility. The user can easily gain access to more virtual resources that increase the capacity and the addition of more CPUs or RAM just require a simple reboot, the same can be found in the case of extra disk space addition as well.

VPS hosting also makes it easy to test environment and simplify development because rack servers can be used in order to improve the development time at all times, while also decommissioning development when the unit is no longer needed.

Thanks to managed VPS hosting, you will be able to stay green, because this is the cheapest hosting that doesn’t require a lot of physical space. At the same time, thanks to the virtual machine, the power consumption is reduced exponentially, something that also translates into more money remaining in your pocket.

Of course, one of the major benefits that come with VPS hosting come from the fact that there is no need for physical upgrades and maintenance, since everything happens in a visual machine. Because of that, the server migration is performed a faster than anticipated, with some astounding results. And even if there is a hardware fault, the results are less catastrophic.

In the case of disaster recovery, managed VPS hosting can regain access to the important data much faster and easier.

Lastly, managed VPS hosting is very efficient because it can always be modified according to the needs of the company without having to go through a complicated process. Yes, managed VPS hosting brings a lot of convenience at all times and the result is well worth it.

With fast upgrades, flexibility, lots of security, constant support and a great cost, managed VPS hosting is one of the best methods that you can use nowadays if you are on a budget, because you literally get the best out of both worlds. If you want a reliable type of hosting, then we encourage you to check out managed VPS, because it doesn’t matter if you need cloud hosting, Joomla hosting, WordPress hosting or something similar, you are bound to get some astounding results!

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