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VPS vs Dedicated Server

Posted by admin on 18 04 2015. 0 Comments

Finding the best type of hosting for your business can be quite a hard, demanding process. No matter if you need Joomla Hosting, WordPress hosting or just blog hosting, the reality is that you will need to find a good service to help you. VPS as well as dedicated servers can fit the job perfectly, but which one of them is the best type of hosting?

VPS hosting

A VPS host literally creates a virtual machine within the server, which is called a container. The physical server is stored alongside other containers, which makes this type of hosting a combination of shared and dedicated hosts. When you use VPS hosting, you will actually share the CPU of the host with other websites, yet the RAM and the storage space are completely yours.

VPS hosting is great if you want to get out of the restrictive shared hosting world and gain access to more features. If you want better features but still don’t afford the more expensive dedicated server, then this can be a good solution. So, if you do have a medium amount of traffic, VPS hosting is by far one of the best deals when it comes to value for your money. The downside of VPS hosting is that resource hogging from the other sites might cause downtime and penalties, but at the same time you are very limited in regards to the software you can install.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting can pertain to a single website that has a huge amount of traffic. Dedicated servers requires a unique physical server and the best part about them is definitely the fact that there isn’t any resource sharing or stuff like that, instead the website owner gets complete control in regards to the software that is installed as well as the operating system for the server. Not only that, but the site owner also has to perform reboots and backups quite often, in order to prevent any data loss issues that might appear. The best part about a dedicated server is that you can always rely on it and the results are well worth it!

On the other hand, dedicated servers do require technical skills, and at the same time they bring some overage feels, high monthly costs, as well as no scalability. The unreliable hosts can bring some downtime for your website, and this is something you want to avoid.

Which is better?

If you have your own website and it has a lot of traffic, then dedicated servers are definitely the best solution. Still, with the help of VPS hosting is you can get a lower price when compared to the aforementioned type of host. It’s all up to you and your budget, but if you can’t afford dedicated servers, then VPS might really be one of the best investments that you can find right now.

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