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Linux vs Windows Hosting for Startups and Mid Size Businesses

Posted by admin on 24 06 2015. 0 Comments

As a small business or a medium sized business, you do need to have a good representation of your services in the online world. Because of that, you have to focus on accessing the best possible hosting services out there which will help you take your business to the next level. But when it comes to choosing Linux or Windows based hosts, it can be a hard decision to make.

The development tools used

If you want to use WordPress, Dreamweaver, PHP, CGI, Perl, Python or MySQL, then it’s a very good idea to use Linux, as this will provide you with a very high amount of convenience and lower resource usage. At the same time, if you opt for ASP, ASP.NET or MS SQL, then you will need to choose Windows. As you can see, the platform you use has a major impact when it comes to the OS you have to choose, so take this into account right from the start.

When it’s a good idea to use Windows hosting?

Windows allows you with the possibility to execute conception frameworks, as well as Sharepoint or .NET projects. If you choose Windows in this situation you will be able to add special Windows apps to your website that will increase the overall amount of convenience and the results that you will acquire.

At the same time, the Windows based interface is more familiar, and this makes it easier to manage, which might be a plus for the website owner. Moreover, the NET based scripts to need Windows to run, so make sure that you use Windows if you do need to implement such scripts into your website.

When should I use Linux hosting?

Linux should be used in all the remaining situations, because this is one of the best operating systems for web servers. Not only it’s efficient and free, but at the same time it’s more stable that the Windows based environment and more reliable, which is a major plus.

If you use platforms such as MySQL, Perl, PHP or other similar ones, you need to use Linux, as it’s more helpful in this regard.

Moreover, Linux is widely suitable for tools such as content management systems, forums, as well as online stores and blogs, so this is the most important hosting OS since it caters to the needs of almost all types of websites out there. It can even work great in the mailserver and web environments, that’s a given.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the best OS for your web server, it all comes down to what are you using it for. Windows is great if you want to implement the .NET platform on your site, but if you want a highly professional and reliable OS that caters to a wide range of website projects, then Linux is a much better solution!

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