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Analysis and Comparisons on SSD Drives and SATA Drives

Posted by admin on 22 06 2015. 0 Comments

In the world of hosting, you always need to have the best possible speed if you want your users to obtain a stellar experience. This is why you need to continually try and obtain faster speeds, in order to keep your customers happy. A great way to do this is by using either SATA or SSD drives. But, which one is the best for you and how much costs do these imply?

Which is the best hosting solution from the SATA and SSD drives.

SSD, also known as solid state disk is a storage system that was created in order to store data that is persistent. It’s a much faster type of storage when compared with the normal SATA drives, but it does come with a good range of benefits that you will enjoy right from the start.


One of the most important things you need think about when it comes to hosting storage is, of course, the price. While the storage prices are decreasing for both of these two categories, the SSD drives are still a few times more expensive than the SATA drives, which makes the latter a much better investment if you are on a budget. This is why you need to see your budget first and then realize which is the best, most affordable solution for you.

Power consumption

Thanks to their slimmer design and less mechanical parts in them, the SSD drives are requiring less power for operating, which leads to a much better energy efficiency. The normal SATA drives are usually mechanical, so they do need additional power to maintain and perform the movement of those parts.


As we talked earlier in this article, the SSD storage is a lot faster than a normal SATA drive, which means that it’s a lot more reliable. At the same time, a good SSD is able to run for more than 40 years round the clock, which means a much better user experience overall.


It’s no new that a storage device will heat, but each type of storage handles it differently. A SATA drive for example will generate 3 times more heat when compared to a normal SSD drive, so the latter is a lot better and more efficient in this regard, that’s a guarantee.

In conclusion, while both storage options are good for hosting, SSD definitely gets the upper hand thanks to the much better experience that it provides. With a longer life span, less heat generated and a much faster speed, SSD is a stellar solution that can be included in any hosting so that you can improve the user experience. If implemented successfully, SSD hosting will provide you with a better revenue and at the same time it will lower the operational costs of your website!

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