Concentrate on Your Business. SSV Host Will Do the Rest!

What is Managed Clouds?

Managed cloud allows you to use the influence of the clouds for your deliberate business objectives without the cost, frustration, and timing to manage it yourself. Not like other cloud providers, the SSV Host provides managed solutions. From the hosting to ecommerce, hybrid cloud to big data, our professionals will design, run and maintain all your workloads 24X7 and 365 days a year.

Dedicated Support makes the SSV Host as number one managed Clouds Company— allowing you to go beyond the boundaries of do-it-yourself clouds with the help of thousands of professional engineers.

  • Managed Infrastructure

Let us know about your requirements in the cloud are and allow us to help you getting it—with security and architecture guidance, assistance for code development, as well as launching managers—all having Cloud Engineers accessible to assist you 24X7.

  • Managed Operations

All the advantages of Managed Infrastructure, in addition much more, including help with the day-to-day operations about your cloud’s workloads— OS patching/maintenance, infrastructure monitoring, as well as application maintenance—all helped by the dedicated team – means that you will get support from the same people whenever you need SSV Host.

  • Managed Operations

Managed Operations are built on the automation for helping in the organization. SSV Host makes your infrastructure like code as well as manages mechanical configuration administration for you. We work together with the developers for providing and maintaining the tools that you require for quicker deployment. We organize superior application monitoring, producing new insight which keeps the apps and infrastructure accessible and running to their best. Use SSV Host experts and speed up your time as well as allow the developers to concentrate on your applications.

  • Leading the Industry

We’re a well known leader for the Cloud Hosting in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

  • Easy to Use

Our Cloud engineers will help you in every step as well as powerful APIs with the easy to use control panel offers the control that you need.

  • Secured and Reliable

High-performance and state-of-the-art data centers are defended with the key card protocols, round-the-clock surveillance, and bio-metric scanning protocols.